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Job Introduction

  • Business Strategy

    The strategyfunction is to propose management improvement and innovation measures to increase the current and future value of the company and to implement the established strategic plan. Detailed management planning work provides direction for company management by establishing the company's management vision and creating related mid- and long-term business strategies.
    Skill & Knowledge
    Communication and interpersonal skills, document writing skills, analytical and logical thinking skills, OA utilization skills, and planning and coordination skills
  • HR

    Human Resources is a job that supports the execution of business and management strategies based on the company's vision and mission. The purpose is to strengthen the core competencies of human resources, and the specific tasks include personnel planning, training, recruitment, labor and compensation.
    Skill & Knowledge
    Communication skills, analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, negotiation skills, friendliness, global awareness, understanding of labor and employment laws and regulations, government policies, and basic human resource management knowledge, and basic knowledge of organizational behavior/organizational psychology
  • Accounting / Finance

    Accounting / Finance consist of accounting, taxation, and treasury operations. We manage financial performance and risks by efficiently procuring and operating financial resources. In detail, we conduct accounting, standard establishment, and settlement in accordance with corporate accounting standards, tax laws, and management policies, and promptly provide financial information to internal and external information users.
    Skill & Knowledge
    A graduate of a business administration major with an understanding of financial statements, accounting processes, financial accounting, managerial accounting, tax accounting, and basic knowledge of relevant laws. Also, one should have the ability to establish financial strategies, profit and loss management, and cost and expense management.
  • General Affairs

    The general affairs function is responsible for maximizing the value of the company's assets, communicating with employees, and supporting a smooth management process. One should be able to conduct total business support activities such as efficient space utilization, building a comfortable office environment, and improving work efficiency by promoting employee welfare.
    Skill & Knowledge
    Communication and interpersonal skills, coordination and negotiation skills, initiative and proactive personality, and a CS mindset
  • Business Operations

    All business operations are conducted by an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) and are divided into parts such as human resources, accounting, sales, purchasing/materials, sales, production, and QA. We support business innovation by operating the electronic payment system and intranet, managing company computerized information, and developing and operating computerized systems required by each department.
    Skill & Knowledge
    Basic knowledge of computer science major and understanding of company business and systems, interdepartmental communication skills, network, server, information security, and ERP.