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흄후드-베이직(XLO BASIC)

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Laboratory Exhaust Equipment

Fume Hood Basic (XFLO BASIC)
XFLO BASIC is a representative fume hood of CHC LAB, and it provides a pleasant experimental environment while protecting researchers from harmful gases through a design that meets domestic and international standards and based on differentiated technology. Product Code: XFL-BA-120/XFL-BA-150/XFL-BA-180/XFL-BA-210/XFL-BA-240
Product code 1675217289

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Acquiring international performance certifications
XFLO-BA has proven its stability and technology by acquiring ASHRAE110 and EN14175, international certifications for laboratory fume hoods.
Designing an optimized fluid flow
For the safe discharge of contaminants in the fume hood, the fluid flow is optimized by designing the delicate internal structure using the CFD fluid program.
CHC Monitor
By applying an optimized self-developed monitoring system to the fume hood of CHC LAB, the wind speed of the fume hood is measured in real time and the status is delivered to the user.
Emergency discharge system (CHC VAV Controller application options)
Through the Emergency Discharge function, it is possible to quickly discharge the internal air to the outside by increasing the discharge air volume in the event of an emergency, such as the generation of a large amount of harmful gas.
Safety Sash Stopper & Guard
By artificially stopping the sash at an appropriate height of 500mm, it prevents exposure of harmful substances due to sudden opening.
  • Steel-based structural design
    Fire safety and chemical resistance were improved by applying a steel outer plate with excellent physical strength and epoxy powder coating treatment (ASTM E84, EN 13501-1 certified).
    Sash Lock
    The sash is artificially stopped at an appropriate height (500mm) to prevent exposure to toxic substances due to a sudden opening (EN14175 recommended).

    Raised Edge Worktop Surface
    The raised edge worktop, jointlessly shaped with mold, prevents the leakage of contaminants and safely protects the workers.

    Exhaust Duct Structure
    Streamline-designed Chamber Duct prevents vortex and minimizes energy loss.

    Electric Leak Break (IP 54)
    ELB (Electric Leak Break) using an IP 54-grade waterproof cover is installed on the front to enhance safety.

    Safe Airflow Structure
    External air is supplied to the workspace through the airfoil in front of the fume hood to prevent vortexing. Also, the safety of the fume hood airflow has been improved through the functional structure design of the sash handle.

    Fume Hood Control System
    The CHC VAV Controller automatically controls the damper or fan according to the sash opening and keeps the face velocity of the wind constant. By applying Energy Saving Mode, you can save energy by minimizing the speed of the exhaust wind when you don't use the fume hood (option).

  • Utility Systems
    To the user's needs, various utility combinations are applied to the individually detachable panel, so it is convenient for maintenance. (*Utilities: water, electricity, gas, LAN Port, etc.)

    Maintenance Hole
    The removable inspection hole installed inside the fume hood is made of P.P. material. It prevents corrosion and makes maintenance of valves, cocks, sockets, etc. convenient.

    Scaffold Holder & STS Rack
    A Scaffold Holder made of P.P. material, which has high chemical resistance, is installed to firmly hold the Rack. (option)

    Built-In Cabinet
    According to the laboratory environment, space utilization and safety can be improved by installing a built-in under-bench safety cabinet under the fume hood. (option)

  • Energy-efficient Combination Sash
    Depending on the scale of the experiment, using a combination sash, which is a mix of vertical and horizontal sash, helps to reduce energy loss. (option)

    PIR Sensor
    PIR sensor detects the motion of the human body. When there are no human movements, the sash is automatically closed to save energy. (option)

  • CHC Monitor (Basic) & CHC VAV Controller
    CHC VAV Controller and CHC Monitor, which are optimized for CHC Lab's fume hood, measure the wind speed of the fume hood in real-time and deliver the status to the user. * Emergency discharge system, fume hood surface wind speed display, and control (CHC VAV Controller), full-color touchscreen applied.


    Model CHC VAV Controller
    Dimension(WⅹDⅹH, mm)  80ⅹ130ⅹ30
     Face velocity Measurement Range 0~1 m/s (±0.03 m/s) 
     Power AC 110 / 220V, 50 / 60 Hz 
     Current 0.5A
    Communication Port  RS485


    Emergency Exhaust
    In case of an emergency, such as a leak of a large amount of toxic gas, the internal air can be quickly discharged by increasing the exhaust air volume.
    Fume Hood Face Status Display
    The user can check the status of the fume hood by measuring and displaying the face velocity in real time through the sensor.
    Fume Hood Face Velocity Control
    CHC VAV Controller automatically adjusts the damper according to the opening height of the sash to keep the face velocity constant.
  • 제품소개-실험실배기장비_4_07.png


    Model SCHNEIDER ICM500
     (WⅹDH, mm)  8415848
    Face velocity Measurement Range 0.1~1 m/s (±0.015 m/s) 
     Power AC 110 / 220V, 50 / 60 Hz, DC 15 V 
     Current  0.12A
    Communication Port  RS232

    Unit: mm, Tolerance: ±5mm     

  • Sash Automatic Closing Control (PIR Sensor)
    The sash can be automatically controlled by installing a human movement-detecting PIR sensor module. It detects human movement and automatically closes it when the user is absent, thus, saving energy.
    Sash Safety Height Control
    The sensor module to the sash is attached to control the proper height of the sash. If you set the proper height of the sash for the fume hood, 500 mm, or set the desired height, the sash is automatically controlled to the set height.
  • Specification
     Section XFL-BA
    120 150 180 210 240
    Size (W×D×H, mm) Outer 1200×850×2365 1500×850×2365 1800×850×2365 2100×850×2365 2400×850×2365
    Inner 995×675×1200 1295×675×1200 1595×675×1200 1895×675×1200 2195×675×1200
    Material Outer Steel Plate (Epoxy Powder Coated)
    Inner Phenolic Laminate
    Worktop Epoxy 25 mm (option : Phenolic Laminate, STS, PVC, P.P.)
    Sash Tempered Glass 5 mm
    Frame Steel Pipe (Epoxy Powder Coated)
    Types of Sashes Vertical sash (Option: Combination Sash)
    Cup Sink 1 EA (Option: 2 EA)
    Power Socket 220V×4EA (Left, Right 2EA each)
    Lamp (LED) 25 W×1 EA 25 W×2 EA
    Controller CHC Monitor (Option: CHC VAV Contoller, Schneider Contoller, ON/OFF Switch)
    Earth Leakage Breaker Ceiling Distribution Box (including Terminal Block and Earth Leakage Breaker)(option : Front Earth Leakage Breaker)
    Valves Water×1EA, N₂×1EA (Option: Additional Valve 4EA)
    Exhaust Port P.P. Ø250 (option : P.P. Ø300 / PVC Ø200, Ø250, Ø300)
    Power Consumption 25 W 50 W
    Options Sash Safety Film
    PIR sensor (Auto Sash)
    Lower Frame Built-in Cabinet
    Unit: mm, Tolerance: ±5mm



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