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Lab Furniture

Hard Pro Lab Bench Wall Type
Hard Pro Lab Bench Wall Type
Product code 1681549099

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Safe design in line with international certification standards
All CHC LAB's lab benches are safe and robust in compliance with the U.S. international standard SEFA10 and European international standard EN 13150. (SEFA: The Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association)
Application of the most stable steel frame
The steel-based frame has stronger physical durability than aluminum, enabling stable and long-term loading of heavy analytical equipment and instruments. In addition, flame and chemical resistance were strengthened through epoxy powder coating (ASTM E84, EN13501-1).
Horizontal adjustment feet for safe installation
As well as adjusting the height up and down, the slope can be adjusted up to 20°, so it can be safely installed even if there is a curve on the floor of the installation site.
Height-adjustable Shelf
The easy adjustment of shelf installation height allows for safe storage of reagent bottles of various sizes as well as the placement of large laboratory instruments.
Utility Pillar for easy follow-up management
The post is equipped with a detachable cover for easy installation and maintenance of the utility and provides a split space for the incoming utility.
  • Safe experimental table with STEEL frame
    CHC LAB's laboratory increased fire safety and chemical resistance through epoxy powder coating on steel-based frames with strong physical properties. (ASTM E84, EN 13501-1 certification)

    Steel pipe / Aluminum pipe

    Comparison Table of Physical Properties of Steel Pipe and Aluminum Pipe

    Fire Test Certification
    Holds US Certification for Steel+Epoxy Powder Paint

    Passed fire test (ASTM E84)

    Chemical Resistance Excellence

    Passed chemical resistance test (SEFA)

  • Shelf Design for Safe Reagent Storage
    Safety standards have been met by securing a rased spot of more than 30mm on the front/rear side of the shelf (EN13150). A fall prevention rod is attached to the front of the shelf to prevent additional safety accidents that may occur due to falls such as loaded reagents.

    ①Fall Prevention Bar / ②Central Separation Structure(30mm raised spot)




    It is an eco-friendly E0 panel that improves chemical resistance through L.P.M. (Low Pressure Melamine) treatment.

    Tempered Glass 
    It has excellent chemical resistance and three times more tensile strength than regular glass.
    Phenolic Laminate
    It has excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance, and physical properties.


  • Application of Appropriate Worktop
    The material of the worktop is the most important consideration when choosing laboratory furniture. CHC LAB recommends a safe material worktop for the customer's research activities considering the characteristics of the laboratory.
    Phenolic Laminate


    Manufacturer : Wilsonart  (option: TRESPA, Fundermax)



       · Excellent chemical durability and antibacterial properties

       · Excellent physical shock resistance

       · Easy to maintain (Easy to clean and install)


    Use Purpose: chemistry, microbiology, genetic engineering, etc


    Colors: Light Gray, Gray, Black






      · Excellent chemical resistance, moisture resistance, 

         and chemical resistance

       · Easy to clean because it is resistant to shock, abrasion, 

         and moisture


    Use Purpose: Chemistry, biological laboratories, hospitals, etc


    Colors: Light Gray, Black

    Stainless Steel




      · Excellent chemical (solvent) resistance and decontamination, moisture resistance

      · Excellent heat, mechanical durability


    Use Purpose: Biology, Microbiology, Pharmacy, Pathology, Radiation Laboratory, Cleanroom, etc

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