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Safety Cabinets

Recirculating Air Filter System
A safety device that can be mounted separately on the top of the Acecos Safety Cabinet to monitor air and filters.
Product code 1688026797

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Exhaust air monitoring
Air emissions monitoring (electronic) / Integrated pressure drop sensor / Alarm System
Monitoring Filters
Filter saturation monitoring / Alarm system
Easy and secure installation
1. Install the recirculation air filter unit at the top of the cabinet. / 2. Connect the power cord. / 3. Check the Potential-Free to activate the alarm if necessary.
  • Recirculating Air Filter System
    Use large cabinets (exhaust gas monitoring) / Order NO. 25099 ※ The Recirculating Air Filter System has been validated by a certified testing agency.


    Extraction Unit
    Use of large cabinets (exhaust gas monitoring) / Order No. 14220